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Transform Data into Features in Minutes, at Scale

Rasgo is a feature engineering platform that makes cleaning and transforming raw data into informative features easier. Our Python SDK and UI allow data scientists to access their cloud data warehouse, easily explore it for relevant data, and then transform/impute the data using a library of pre-defined transformations, which can be easily customized to fit any business need. Finally, everything built using Rasgo compiles to native SQL and can be served out at sub-second speeds without ever having to refactor pandas into SQL again.

Designed for Data Scientists

Cut the time you spend in meetings deciphering data in half by:

  • Easily search, filter, and explore raw data across multiple sources without exporting large quantities of data to your local machine
  • Get instant insights into the health and state of your data automatically
  • Quickly and efficiently trace every piece of data directly back to its source
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Get out of the data janitorial business, and back into actual data science with Rasgo Transforms by:

  • Leveraging our extensive library of predefined data transforms that are easy as calling a simple python method or clicking a button in the UI
  • Easily create your own custom data transformation templates that compile directly to native SQL with docs that are autogenerated for you.
  • Open-source and modern data stack Friendly
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Sub-second feature serving without the hassle of managing infrastructure or duplicating data.

  • Rasgo is fully managed and doesn’t store any physical data
  • Publishing a feature is a single python method or click in the UI
  • Fully-versioned datasets without storing any of your data
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Out of the box integrations, without having to jump through hoops.  Rasgo integrates with:

  • Virtually any model training and serving framework
  • BI Tools
  • AutoML
  • ML & Data Pipelines (Airflow, Dagster, etc.)
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