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Transform raw data, collaboratively engineer features, and serve production-grade features to training and production models without leaving your cloud data warehouse.

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PyRasgo is our free and open source Python library. Use PyRasgo to profile features, visualize feature importance and explainability, and collaboratively track feature engineering experiments right in your Python environment.

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The Rasgo Feature Store

Rasgo’s Feature Store accelerates feature engineering in the modern data stack by removing bottlenecks in data preparation, data transformation, feature selection, and more. Whether you like to work in your notebook, in our streamlined UI, or both, Rasgo’s Feature Store has you covered.

Rasgo Feature Store Overview Diagram
marketecture deployed models layer
marketecture live dashboards layer
Marketecture analysis prediction layerRasgo Feature Store Overview Diagram
marketecture feature engineering layerRasgo Feature Store Overview Diagram
marketecture data layer Rasgo Feature Store Overview Diagram

Transform how you engineer and serve features.

Rasgo works where you do.

Leverage Rasgo directly in Python

Get the power of Rasgo right in your Python environment.  Integrate our open source PyRasgo library into your Python environment to transform and engineer features faster in the tools you already know and love. 

Your feature data and code are saved and versioned in Rasgo’s centralized feature store.

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Work in the Rasgo UI

Rasgo delivers actionable, time-saving data visualizations and feature analysis in our web-based user interface. 

Whether you engineer features in Rasgo or in your notebook, leverage Rasgo’s feature profiles, feature scoring, data quality visualizations and more.

Rasgo keeps your data where it belongs, in your cloud data warehouse.

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