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Visual Insights without Extracting Data from Snowflake with Rasgo’s UI for the Modern Data Stack.

Jared Parker
Visual Insights without Extracting Data from Snowflake with Rasgo’s UI for the Modern Data Stack.

We’re super excited to contribute to the Snowflake Summit as a key partner in driving more adoption and value within the Snowflake ecosystem. Over the past several years, we’ve seen first hand the explosive growth of Snowflake, driven in large part, by the innovative startups that have been purpose built to deliver best in breed functionality directly within the Snowflake Data Cloud. Gone are the days where data movement from system to system is needed for analytics. Now, organizations are able to manage their entire analytic pipeline within Snowflake - providing users with better performance, scale, and governance that, in the on-premise days, felt like a pipe dream. Rasgo is contributing  to this new world via our cloud-native tool that provides a visual interface (UI) on top of Snowflake, enabling data consumers to explore, prepare, and visualize data within Snowflake, without having to learn data engineering skills. 

Location of the Rasgo booth at the Snowflake Summit Conference.
The location of the Rasgo booth at the Snowflake Summit Conference.

The core power of Rasgo is automatically generating and pushing down Snowflake SQL or Snowflake Python UDFs to Snowflake which enables transformation of data into visual insights without having to move physical data out of the Snowflake environment. Because of this, Rasgo is secure, requires no maintenance or infrastructure, and all it takes to get started is a Snowflake login.

The value of this can be described as democratizing data within Snowflake to the data consumers that are on the hook to empower business decisions. The power is already being realized by several leading enterprises, such as Stanley Black and Decker, in our partnership with Snowflake.

“Snowflake, Rasgo, and our forecasting engine have enabled our forecasting efforts to eliminate data pipeline duplication and architectural complexity that cost us time and money. Now, we will be able to automate the end to end prediction for our business to make AI/ML enabled decisions on forecasting demand --Prabhakar Narasimhadevara, Data Science Leader at Stanley Black & Decker

“Rasgo  is democratizing data preparation and visualization.  Their self-service capabilities enable end users to transform their data in Snowflake into insights rapidly so business decisions can be made quickly." - Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

Configure, transform and visualize your data in your cloud data warehouse using Rasgo.
Rasgo UI

“The UI For The Modern Data Stack”

As data and analytic engineers continue to build, optimize, and maintain critical data for the organization using Snowflake and dbt, we are seeing a growing need for end users to more easily consume and transform this data to answer critical business questions.

Rasgo’s easy to use, no-code/low-code interface sits on top of Snowflake and provides massive acceleration in answering descriptive and predictive questions from data by providing more self-service analytics capabilities to these end data consumers. With Rasgo, you can:

  • Auto-Catalog Datasets - Catalog, maintain, and easily search for data within Snowflake
  • Transform Datasets - Low-code, no-code, or fully automated data transformations that execute as Snowflake SQL or Snowflake Python UDFs
  • Visualize Results - Interactive dashboards that are easy to build, shareable with colleagues, and query data directly within Snowflake

Native Integrations

A major advantage of the Modern Data Stack is modularity. Being able to leverage best in breed technologies across the data stack, provides end users with the purpose built functionality they need, while enabling organizations to avoid vendor lock-in. It’s the best of both worlds.

Rasgo allows you to catalogue, transform and visualize your data in your cloud data warehouse by siting on top of Snowflake and BigQuery.
UR For the Modern Data Stack

A critical component of this is ensuring tools within the stack are integratable and interoperable. Rasgo has invested heavily into integrations with Snowflake, dbt, BI tools, and ML platforms to ensure a rapid path to value. 

DataRobot Integration

For those who are joining the Snowflake Summit, we have a special session at DataRobot’s booth (booth #620) on Tuesday and Wednesday at 12pm. Please come by and check it out! 

For those not attending, we’ve recorded a quick demo video of our integration with DataRobot you can check out here

If you have questions, we have answers!

Our founders and Head of Data will be at the booth all week. Stop by booth 1014D, or email jared@rasgoml.com to set up a personalized time to talk through your needs.

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