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When tasked with any data science project the first step is to locate and understand your data. Rasgo enables you to explore the entirety of your cloud data warehouse without having to export a bunch of datasets to your local laptop. Quickly and easily search, filter, and select tabular data from multiple tables and design custom data sets in minutes using our metadata catalog.

Goal: Locate and gather relevant data

Task: Search and group all relevant data in a tabular format to be cleaned.

Rasgo UI


Cleaning data can’t be avoided but, it doesn’t have to be such a slog. Whether you prefer
“code” or “no-code.” Rasgo empowers you to build powerful insights from raw data in just minutes directly from your cloud data warehouse. Easily chain multiple transforms together to perform complex data operations with just a few lines of Python or via a Rasgo’s powerful UI.

Goal: Create a relevant dataset

Task: Clean, join, and impute tabular data.

Rasgo UI


Before a feature can be relied on in production, it must be accessible, declarative, repeatable, and explainable. With Rasgo, you can publish entire datasets of production-grade features and natively integrate them with whatever modeling or BI tool you prefer. All of which is fully versioned and can be done with a single line of python or a few clicks in the UI.

Goal: Publish a dataset and proceed to modeling

Task: create a dataset of informative features to train a model on

Rasgo UI

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