Data prep that
doesn't suck.

Rasgo enables you to explore, clean, join, transform, and featurize raw data into analysis-ready data at the speed of thought.

Your model called. It’s waiting for training data.


Built by Data Scientists for Data Scientists.

As Data Scientists, we know you spend too much time extracting, exploring, cleansing, joining, and transforming data - leaving little time for analysis and modeling.

With Rasgo, you'll go from raw data to analysis-ready data in minutes, not weeks. The Rasgo platform accelerates (not automates) your process of transforming raw data into analysis-ready data.

Feature Data Quality

Automatically surface quality issues in raw data and execute recommended resolutions to cleanse data and create features.

Feature profiles

Easily explore all feature details including histograms, statistics, missing values, outliers, & data quality.

Feature transforms

Forget the syntax. Transform raw features into new, derivative features with a click of your mouse and hundreds of out-of-the-box feature transforms.

Feature Orchestration

Generate dataframes for modeling or analysis with a single click or one line of code.

Feature insights

Feature correlations and other insights expedite feature selection before you even train your model.

Ready to accelerate to analysis-ready data?