Rasgo is Empowering Valuable & Trusted Insights From Data in Less Than 5 Minutes

The Founding Story

The Founding Story

Our founding team had spent their careers in the data community as practitioners, leaders, and consultants. After working with hundreds of data teams, we saw a massive transformation in how organizations used data. What started as siloed pipelines and spreadsheets had evolved to complete centralization and accessibility of data within the cloud data warehouse

Unfortunately, even with the centralization of data, organizations still failed to capture complete trust and democratization over the insights from the data they made decisions upon. On countless occasions, we heard frustration from both data and business teams complaining about poor decisions made on inconsistent data. The data team spent countless hours centralizing data in the cloud and the business continued to report on inconsistent metrics calculated in siloed spreadsheets and BI tools. We knew something had to change.

We’re driven by a perspective that trust and accessibility are the final frontiers of being truly data-driven. We’re committed to empowering our users with valuable and trusted insights from data faster. We founded Rasgo in 2020 to foster greater speed and trust in data insights. We’ve raised over $25M in funding and are continuing to build a world-class team in pursuit of our mission.

We’ve raised over $25M in Venture Capital

And, have built a community of data experts for our product advisory board

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