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Rasgo founders Jared and Patrick are passionate about the impact data science and machine learning can have on businesses and the world. But like many, they quickly became frustrated working through the complex, highly inefficient process of turning raw data into training-ready features.

After seeing countless data science projects struggle to reach production, they founded Rasgo and created the world’s first Accelerated Modeling Preparation Platform (AMPP) to accelerate the critical work that takes raw data and makes it data science ready.

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Jared Parker

CEO and Co-Founder

Jared has been leading sales and G2M organizations for high growth data companies throughout his career. After working with hundreds of organizations and thousands of Data Scientists, Jared realized that Data Scientists were spending the vast majority of their time exploring, cleansing, joining and transforming data, rather than spending that time on value-added modeling activities.

At Rasgo, Jared manages all business related functions across marketing, sales, business development, finance, and operations.

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Patrick Dougherty

CTO and Co-Founder

Patrick has solidified himself as a deep domain expert in the data science and data engineering space. He started his career in Data Science at Dell, and later moved into consulting at Slalom where he ultimately led and managed a large practice of Data Scientists and Data Engineers. Patrick has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of Data Scientists, consistently seeing that organizations missed their data science objectives due to substantial friction in the data preparation aspects of the lifecycle.

Patrick is responsible for the product's strategic direction and manages the product and engineering teams at Rasgo.

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A problem worth solving.

Rasgo has raised over $5M in seed funding with lead investor, Unusual Ventures.

Unusual Ventures

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Good listening doesn’t end at research. We continuously invite our community into the evolution of Rasgo to build your ultimate playground.

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Our team is made up of data experts who have walked a mile. We know what you deserve and we’ll make a category-defining product to deliver.

AI pixie dust? Don’t think so.

We fiercely call out the ML industry because we believe Data Scientists should always have control and transparency into the tools they need.

A team worth joining.

Rasgo is built by a team of leaders. We believe leadership is a state of mind and as leaders, we are responsible for inspiring each other to think, exhibit great potential, and improve together.

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