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Rasgo Values


No brilliant jerks. While we know our skills well, we recognize that we don’t know everything. Through the lense of striving for growth, we give each other immediate feedback; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We operate as a team, we ask for help, and we guide each other through solving hard problems.

Dice Roll

Before making big decisions, we test our hypothesis in <5 days. We are innovative, agile and action oriented. We operate with a sincere sense of urgency to release new features, fix bugs, and make our users successful this second, not tomorrow. Our persistent pursuit of creative excellence keeps us and our clients ahead in this rapidly changing world.


We’re overly transparent about the state of the business and work together to keep an open, trusted channel of communication. We’re no bullshit. We disperse all information to our team to make informed decisions and improvements.

Extreme Ownership

We act like we own the business because we do. We live by the idea of extreme ownership. We know our domain, own our mistakes and work together to mitigate risks as they occur.

Team Players

Diverse backgrounds, behaviors and skills
 established our competitive edge. As a fully remote, digital-first company, we have no limits on who or where we can hire. We’ve created an unstoppable team, high-performing, and aligned in our shared values.

Rasgo Benefits

Rasgo Benefits include: Fully Remote, Unlimited PTO, Full Health Coverage, WFH Cash, 401K Contributions, & Series A Equity

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