Answer Your Own Questions From Data

The organizations who make data driven decisions fastest win. To accomplish this, the power of data needs to be in the hands of everyone. All to often, we find business stakeholders are bottlenecked from answering their own questions of data. This slows down data driven decision making and creates un-needed firedrills internally. Rasgo empowers anyone who uses BI or Excel to dynamically slice and dice their data to answer questions in self-service, in a manner that interoperates with the data teams tech stack.

"Rasgo provides a more agile process around data discoverability and metric analysis. Rather than piling on expensive and time-consuming extra work to data teams, Rasgo turns any of our stakeholders into self-servicing data analysts by helping them efficiently experiment, discover, and share key insights on-demand."

Christian Peressin
Chisholm Financial Labs

Make Data Driven Decisions Faster!

Imagine a world where your key business metrics are already created, calculated, and available for you to search from within a central repository. Your data team has curated the metrics and data pipelines you need to ensure your data is fresh, clean, and consistent. You move faster by answering your own questions from data and exploring route cause performance drivers to get a leg up on the competition.

Rasgo calculates metrics automatically and prepares a curated catalog of datasets, metrics, and queries built by your data team. You can easily find the metrics you need, dynamically aggregate them over time, and drill into the underlying route performance drivers without needing to ask for help.

Slice, dice, and aggregate dynamically

Analyzing KPI trends and anomolies shouldn’t be a heavy lift. With Rasgo, you can perform powerful segmentation, dynamic aggregation, and route cause analysis exploration without needing to phone a friend.

Drill Into Underlying Detail in a Click

Insights are valuable when the business can access the detail required to take action. With Rasgo, business users can go from high level trend or anomaly to row level detail in a single click, making data actionable.

Easily share insights to close the loop

An insight is only powerful if a decision is made. Rasgo makes is super easy to share insights and collaborate with your peers both within the business and the data teams. Just send the URL to your colleague and let the collaboration begin, or easily download the data with our native BI and Excel integrations for further analysis!

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