Get Back to Strategic Data Work

Analysts and Analytic Engineers get bogged down by a never ending list of slack messages and Jira tickets from the business. This restricts data professionals from spending time doing the things they love… finding unique and unexpected insights in the data that drive the business forward.

“Rasgo saves me hours per week by enabling me to build datasets, metrics, and SQL queries once that can be used across my entire organization. Gone are the days where I spend the majority of my time pulling data, building charts, and answering questions about the data in meetings and slack.”

Scott White

Take back your time!

Rasgo natively integrates with dbt and git so analytics professionals can build standardized datasets, metrics, and queries once within the tools they love, and empower downstream users to leverage these data tools in self-service.

Empower the business with standard metrics

Rasgo translates yaml files from dbt metrics and models into business contextual KPIs that the business can easily find, understand, and analyze via powerful slice and dice analysis. Or use our bulk metric creation experience to publish metrics in bulk to dbt or git.

Build proprietary data assets anyone can use

Rasgo enables anyone with SQL skills to build dynamic data assets the business can leverage in self-service with proper guardrails set in place by the data team.

Control and govern production workflows

The underlying SQL code and yaml files from datasets, metrics, and queries built in Rasgo automatically get pushed to git as a PR. Giving you full review, auditability, and control over production.

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