Governance and Self-Service Shouldn’t be a Paradox

Metrics are the lifeblood of your data driven business, so why aren’t they easier to manage? Over time, the sprawling of self-service tools has created a massive governance challenge. Metrics are defined inconsistently across a myriad of siloed tools, causing different answers from the same data. We refer to this problem as “Rogue SQL” and it’s a leading cause of a lack of data trust.

“Rasgo enables organizations to report off a single source of truth. Gone are the days where metrics get calculated inconsistently in siloes and where SQL queries get passed around via text files in email. With Rasgo, datasets, metrics, and queries are centralized, governed, and democratized across to empower self-service with trust.”

Kim Larsen
Data Leader

Standardize & Democratize Data

Imagine a world where your key business metrics are consistent. The business no longer calculates metrics in siloes and your data team isn’t constantly bogged down by a never ending stream of questions from the business for seemingly menial tasks. Rasgo automatically catalogs your data, metrics, and queries so the entire organization can easily answer questions from verified and governed data assets.

Standardize business metrics

Rasgo integrates natively with dbt and git to ensure that both the metrics created within the data team and the metrics created within the business lines are fully centralized, audited, and traceable from a central location. Rasgo translates yaml and config files into contextualized business metrics anyone can discover and understand.

Democratize metrics

No more building out hierarchical drill downs for every combination of questions the business might want to ask. Rasgo calculates metrics automatically - empowering anyone with BI or Excel skills to perform dynamic slice and dice analysis on standard business metrics in a single click.

Deliver a metrics flywheel

Rasgo empowers self-service creation of new derivative metrics that the organization needs to track. Both the SQL logic and associated yaml file are automatically created and pushed into your git repository as a PR. Empowering self-service, while also ensuring proper governance via the data teams review in their code repo of choice.

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