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3 Critical Challenges Plague Data Driven Organizations

Data creators, consumers, and leaders all need consistent metrics.

Lack of Self-Service Data Delays Business Decisions

Business users can’t access relevant row level details in existing tools.

Rasgo automatically generates interactive data apps with verified drill-down queries that give business users the detail behind each KPI.

Rasgo for Data Consumers

Support Ticket Hell Prevents Democratization

Data teams have an endless backlog of data requests that they can’t keep up with.

Rasgo empowers business users to quickly find and query the verified data they need and reduce the burden on the data team.

Rasgo for Data Creators

Rogue SQL Kills Data Confidence

Inconsistent business logic causes different answers from the same data.

Rasgo provides guardrails to ensure business users access verified data and logic everyone can trust.

Rasgo for Data Leaders

Rasgo Prevents Metric Inconsistency

To optimize decision making, data consumers rely on accurate metrics that they can access and drill into in self-service.

Lacking a better option, data consumers calculate metrics in their tool of choice after extracting data from the data warehouse. This leads to inconsistent answers from the data, causing confusion and distrust.

We refer to a metric as a SQL representation of business logic. Metrics are any measurement of your business in data.

A Solution Native To Your Existing Stack

Rasgo natively integrates with the Modern Data Stack by automatically pulling data context from Cloud Data Warehouses and dbt and easily pushing data downstream to BI, Excel, and communication platforms.

Built With Every Persona In Mind

Data creators, consumers, and leaders all need accurate data.

Get Back To Strategic
Data Work

Analysts and Analytic Engineers get bogged down by a never ending list of slack messages and Jira tickets from the business. Rasgo enables analytic practitioners to create standard metrics and SQL queries that anyone can leverage to answer questions from data.
  • Data catalog and lineage
  • dbt and git integration
  • Centralized SQL queries
  • Metric catalog
“Rasgo saves me hours per week by enabling me to build datasets, metrics, and SQL queries once that can be used across my entire organization. Gone are the days where I spend the majority of my time pulling data, building charts, and answering questions about the data in meetings and slack.”
Scott White

Answer Your Own Questions From Data

Decisions get delayed when business stakeholders are bottlenecked from answering their own questions from data. Rasgo empowers end data consumers to interact with standard metrics in self-service and run SQL queries that the data team has built for them via the comfort of an intuitive UI.
  • Metric catalog
  • Metric profiler
  • No-code query builder
"Rasgo provides a more agile process around data discoverability and metric analysis. Rather than piling on expensive and time-consuming extra work to data teams, Rasgo turns any of our stakeholders into self-servicing data analysts by helping them efficiently experiment, discover, and share key insights on-demand."
Christian Peressin
Chisholm Financial Labs

Standardize & Democratize Metrics

Data leaders are tasked with what seems like an impossible paradox - delivering both governance and democratization of key data assets. Rasgo empowers data teams to build a central repository of standard metrics and queries that can be leveraged by the business in self-service. Giving governance and democratization via an intuitive solution.
  • Metric catalog
  • dbt and git integration
  • Centralized SQL queries
  • No-code query builder
“Rasgo enables organizations to report off a single source of truth. Gone are the days where metrics get calculated inconsistently in siloes and where SQL queries get passed around via text files in email. With Rasgo, datasets, metrics, and queries are centralized, governed, and democratized across to empower self-service with trust.”
Kim Larsen
Data Leader
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