Your data warehouse with the power of GPT-4

Experience the next evolution in self-service analytics with generative AI that goes well beyond chat.

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Use natural language to ask questions of your EDW data.

Visualize data directly in our platform with ease.

Get automated intelligent insights 24/7 based on your goals.

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AI-orchestrated business intelligence

Rasgo enables businesses to make data-driven decisions faster by creating autonomous GPT 4-enabled agents to deliver insights straight from your EDW. We read and understand your data so you don’t have to.

Executives forecast significant impact of Generative AI

According to a recent KPMG survey, 77% percent of executives believe generative AI will have a bigger impact on broader society in the next three to five years than any other emerging technology.

How is Enterprise GPT different?

A chatbot atop a CSV is not magic. Neither are automated insights that lack business context.

We make GPT ready for the enterprise. We securely teach the model about your data and KPIs enabling tailored insights and rich business context including visualizations. We give business users a natural language interface to their AI analytics co-pilot so they can let GPT go to work for them.

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Secure GPT + EDW

Rasgo brings the power of GPT to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in a safe and secure manner.


Supercharging your EDW

Our unique approach utilizes autonomous agents to generate a semantic embedding of your EDW metadata, which we then use to teach GPT-4 about your data without it ever leaving your control.

Data that stays with you

Your raw data never leaves your EDW. Our GPT-powered semantic layer takes care of the translation between the model and your EDW without copying any source data at all (cool, right?).

AI you can trust

Every AI-enabled interaction is logged in your EDW and discoverable in our application. Nothing we do happens in a black box because this is AI you can trust.

Generative Insights

We believe generative insights should create lasting intellectual value within an organization.

generative insights

Intelligently proactive

Many legacy self-service analytics vendors talk about proactive insights. This usually means they surface a few anomalies. We believe generative insights should create lasting intellectual value within an organization.

Rasgo's generative insights empower your team to make smarter, data-informed decisions while reducing the time your date team spends creating knowledge products by 80%.

Always-On knowledge workers

Counting distinct values on tables or showing some trends is not generative insights.

Enterprise GPT uses its specialized knowledge of your enterprise to “guide itself” through your data environment, seeking out the right combinations of data that represent valuable insights, interacting with users to optimize for high-value analytical work, and assessing its own work, 24 x 7 x 365.

A connected future

With Rasgo, the potential for generating increasingly strategic analytical products is endless.

Our product today is an on-demand, always running knowledge worker. Soon, we’ll be running enterprise simulations and planning with internal and external data sources all day every day. We're just getting started.

Intelligent Reasoning

GPT has changed knowledge work forever. We enable human-AI collaboration via GPT-powered AI agents. The future is now.

Reasoning Engine

AI that truly thinks

We’ve found GPT-4 impressive in its ability to perform complex reasoning tasks with dynamic objectives.

Not only does GPT-4 excel in delivering context-rich insights, it can also efficiently reason through tasks, strategize based on rewards, break down objectives into tactics, augment them as needed to reach a set end goal, and more.

Self-learning and self-teaching

We’ve leveraged the capacity of GPT-4 to reward autonomous agents to pursue valuable analytical goals to your benefit.

Our collaborative team of autonomous agents, orchestrated by GPT-4, can collectively pursue insights, seek novel information, augment data, and optimize other models. Imagine a perpetual learning machine that can not only respond to prompts but also manage itself and its task.

Trust, ensured

Enterprise data environments are constantly changing.

Helping GPT-4 become robust to fluctuating states is critical to building a true enterprise AI.

Companies that slap a chat prompt on their existing product and call it a generative AI are not going to cut it. Analytics has evolved, and we’re just getting started.