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Catalog Datasets

Scan, maintain, and easily search for data within your cloud data warehouse.

Transform Datasets

Low-code, no-code, or fully automated data transformations.

Visualize Results

Interactive dashboards that are easy to build and share with your colleagues.

Designed for Modern Data Teams

A image of the Rasgo data catalog which surfaces all of the data in your cloud data warehouse so that all of data is just a search away.

Rasgo automatically surfaces the data in your Cloud Data Warehouse so the data you need is just a search away! Or use our CSV upload option to give it a try.

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The Rasgo no-code interface which allows the user to autogenerate SQL for data transformations. Leverage the full featured SQL editor to build your own data transformations.

Rasgo provides a powerful no-code interface to auto-generate SQL for data transformations. Or leverage our full featured SQL editor to build your own data transformations.

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    A image of Rasgo's visual interface where the user can build and share data visualizations and dashboards. This allows for your business counterparts to make faster business decisions.

    Rasgo makes it easy to build and share beautiful data visualizations and dashboards that enable your business counterparts to make decisions fast.

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      Native to the Modern Data Stack

      Rasgo is a cloud-native tool that sits on top of your Cloud Data Warehouse and does not store or process any physical data. Rasgo is secure, requires no maintenance, and is fully configurable in under 5 minutes.

      A image of how Rasgo fits into the Modern Data Stack. Rasgo sits ontop of Snowflake, dbt, Fivetran, Airflow and Hightouch.


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