Finance Solutions

AI for Revenue Analytics

Giving finance teams the power to deliver answers in seconds

Forecasting. Pricing. Sales territories. Complex product hierarchies. Managing the data takes hours, but the business needs answers fast. Finance needs the power of self-service analytics powered by Generative AI.

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Challenges facing Finance Leaders

The need for self service

Data teams are often too resource-strapped to help. They’re focused on strategic priorities.

BI tools aren’t enough

Root cause analysis requires the power of AI, enabling finance to directly chat with the EDW.

Too much data

The sheer volume of info and inputs can be difficult to manage and analyze.

Enter Rasgo

Rasgo puts the power of deep-dive data analysis into the hands of finance teams. It’s specifically designed for the multi-variable data sets that finance teams work with, using the company’s own enterprise data warehouse.

With Rasgo, you're no longer in “reactive mode” – you control your own destiny.

What caused us to miss our sales performance targets last year?

Illuminate sales performance

Revenue is the company's lifeblood, and understanding sales performance is critical.

  • Every stage of the sales funnel must be transparent
  • KPIs must be carefully tracked
  • Finance teams gain full visibility into every aspect of the funnel in seconds.

Understand customer acquisition patterns

Identifying sales conversion patterns requires mastery of a whole new set of variables and inputs.

  • Must know seasonality, changing markets, and geographic variations
  • EDW contains the answers but hard to access
  • Finance get answers to point-of-sale questions with a simple, consumer-grade UX.

Could you compare the fastest growing product categories in terms of revenue with the previous year?

What is our revenue actuals versus expected, and if there is a delta, which accounts are delinquent or outstanding?

Speed up revenue reconciliation

Revenue is the company's lifeblood, and understanding sales performance is critical.

  • Operating capital can have unexpected variances
  • Tracking down those variances can take countless hours
  • Rasgo surfaces answers instantly.

See the power of self-service AI in action.

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Demystify pricing

Creating pricing strategy for a Fortune 2000 organization can be like trying to catch lightning.

  • Multiple structures, business units, and subsidiaries
  • Complex product hierarchy with no simple way to find patterns and insights
  • Rasgo recovers critical insights from inside the EDW fortress.

Can you help compile a yearly popular product chart by price?

What kind of sales trends should I expect for our new lawn and patio division?

Nail forecasting

Forecasting must account for incredible complexity with multiple data sources.

  • Constantly changing variables such as staff turnover, market volatility, and product-specific sales cycles
  • Requires advanced analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling
  • Finance teams solve forecasting problems without being trained data analysts.

Track profitability

More than ever, finance teams need instant answers to P&L questions.

  • Retention/churn across the install base
  • Customer lifetime value, EBITA, and cash flow
  • Finance teams find critical answers in seconds.

What caused us to miss our sales performance targets last year?

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